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23 Sep  

10 Inside Tips for Glow

Ready to Get Your Glow On?

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony for Glow 2010 begins at 7:00 pm on Saturday, but Coyotes will start howling earlier, at 6:15 pm. That’s when the 18th Street Arts Center & L.A. Commons’ Howling at the Sun, an epic procession and battle of drummers representing a Tongva/Gabrielino myth, will begin their walk to the Opening Ceremony. The procession moves down the Third St. Promenade to the Opening Ceremony itself, in front of the entrance to the Santa Monica Pier(intersection of Ocean and Colorado Boulevards). Plan to join the procession!

After a brief welcome from the Mayor of the City of Santa Monica and other dignitaries, Glow officially begins, and all sites go “live.” Lighting up the western wall of the Holiday Inn with five-story video projections is Intersection by artist-collaborators Freewaves & Super Expo.

A quartet of drummers, presented by Machine Project and playing a new work by L.A. composer Casey Anderson, head off north, south, east and west, and the Coyote/Sun procession descends to the beach to stage a battle to bring the Earth into balance with the Sun.

Top 10 Inside Tips for Maximizing Your GLOW

  • Ride your bike – it’s the best way to get to and around the Glow Zone… now with more free bike valets
  • Make dinner reservations in advance. Specials are listed online at
  • Driving? Carpool and park in the easy-to-get-to, low-cost beach lots south of Ocean Park Blvd
  • Download KCRW’s amazing GLOW companion soundscape at before you head to Glow. Don’t forget to bring your headphones.
  • Know where to GLOW – pick up a program & map from the Palisades Park info booth, or download the app for iPhone & Android from
  • Take advantage of mobile GLOW. Sign up for timely tweets at or text 55678 for live updates
  • Be comfortable – wear layers and walking shoes
  • Participate! Volunteer to work GLOW. IT IS FUN
  • Shape the GLOW collective memory by emailing your favorite photos to
  • Have fun, be safe, GLOW at your own pace.


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