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24 Jan  

Sunset Park Realtors Loves Santa Monica!

By Jenny Chang

Photo by Stacey Valnes

When SPR decided to set up shop in beautiful Santa Monica five years ago, it was a decision easily arrived at for a myriad of reasons. First of all, Stacey is a Santa Monica native, born and bred in this charming city by the sea, and he could find no better community in the greater Los Angeles area to pledge his allegiance to.  Megan, a Laguna Beach native, moved to Santa Monica at age 20.  She was drawn to the city life of Los Angeles, yet deeply appreciated the small town feel and fresh ocean breeze she had grown up with in Laguna, and could find this same sense of “home” in Santa Monica.  Thus, SPR feels right at home in Santa Monica, comfortable yet challenged.

A walk along the bluffs in North Santa Monica is enough to make anyone want to move here and settle down, not to mention the diversity and energy of the boardwalk and pier.  Santa Monica has so much to offer: eclectic dining, charming boutiques, a thriving art community, world class shopping, gorgeous ocean and beaches, a great public school system, and family friendly neighborhoods.  The city also offers a strong and energetic community of homeowners, dedicated to making the best of their community.  SPR is committed to the betterment and enrichment of Santa Monica as well, and hopes to always have a positive effect within the community.

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